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Client Profile

While clients come to us with many unique and challenging needs it may be helpful to understand the general make-up of our current clients.


Choosing to retain a health management firm requires trust, but never blind trust. Our clients tend to frequently engage us with questions both large and small. Trust is earned through transparency and straight-forward, personalized recommendations. Our clients while typically conservative in their financial approach, believe in the value of hard work, saving and value-based generosity.

What Our Clients Look For

Our clients are typically interested in the long-term… either retirement management and planning. Most are interested in investment management but value the other financial planning advise unique to our approach. Our clients appreciate an overall family financial advisor and planner model to handle multi-generational family wealth issues. Our clients value CFP© credentials and the professional background we possess.


Our clients are local and all over the U.S. They are typically middle-aged or older and have either generated or inherited significant wealth. Our clients are described as upper middle class with a high net worth or high net earners. We have a near 50/50 split of both male and female clients.


Our clients tend to believe that they can have the best of both worlds – they can live life to the fullest while also using their wealth and influence to invest in future generations.