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Kassira Wealth Management, LLC is a Registered Investment Adviser firm specializing in managing money and investments.  After decades in the finance and investment industry, the firm was formed by it’s founder Gassan Kassira who realized there was an inherit conflict of interest in the industry.  Gassan believed that only when the advisor is detached from working for a bank, broker-dealer, insurance company or other third-party institutions can he/she truly offer impartial advice and services.

We are a fee-only firm which means we only get paid by our clients. We are paid to manage investments.  We do not sell any products nor do we represent any other company but our client’s interest only.  Furthermore, we only accept advisors to our firm who are highly educated in the finance and investment field. We further require all our advisors to have an accredited, higher learning professional and financial designation.

The firm is chartered with providing comprehensive financial planning to individuals, their families, small-businesses and charitable organizations.  We focus on complete wealth management with a focus on customized portfolio and investment management.

Our firm has a strong belief that the client’s interest should always come first!  We believe the industry is dominated by large brokerage firms, insurance companies and major banks who sell their costumers high-cost products.  We further believe that most advisors are under-qualified and under-educated to give their clients the true advice and services their customers deserve.

An important distinction between our firm and most other advisors is that we are independent and are held to a higher fiduciary standard.  This means:

  • We do not sell any products.
  • We do not have any fee arrangements with third parties.
  • We do not have any referral arrangements of any kind.
  • We do not earn any commissions on any investments or on any advice.
  • We are 100% paid by our clients only.
  • We act 100% in our client’s best interest…always!
  • We are 100% transparent in our fees.
  • We are 100% independent and unbiased.


Our Leadership

Gassan Kassira is the Founding member of Kassira Wealth Management LLC that provides comprehensive financial planning, portfolio management and wealth advisory services. Gassan specializes in providing financial planning and portfolio management services to high-net worth individuals, families and financial planning to small businesses.

Gassan earned his MBA in International Finance from the University of Colorado and an Executive Certificate in Financial Planning from Georgetown University.  He is a Certified FINANCIAL PLANNER (CFP®). Gassan has over 20 years of experience in corporate and personal finance and through those combined pursuits has managed over a billion dollars in assets … READ MORE


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